A new perception of China ——Carry out a three-day Volunteer Teaching Program
Date:2016.04.18 Attention: From:华东师范大学留学生办公室


    Lianghe is 2700 km away from Shanghai. The journey took the team almost 10 hours.

    The elementary school we head off to visit has 135 students, including 94 pupils and 41 preschool children. There are 10 teachers totally, the principle included.


    On April 11,  six ECNU international students, from Canada, Russia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia and South Korea, went to Lianghe of Yunnan Province, to carry out a three-day Volunteer Teaching Program.


    What a lucky day! The team encountered the Songkran, a local traditional festival! That evening fireworks went off into the sky as if to welcome the arrival of the volunteers. Our team members were all so excited, they couldn't wait to get started! After experiencing the festival, they were driven to work hard to accomplish their goal and through their experience to gain knowledge of life in Yunnan.

    Our volunteers were exploring the unfamiliar city and enjoying the delicious local cuisine!

    This adventure started off successfully. A new day begins! So what's in store for the students? Let's see!