Tips for studying in China
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What rules and regulations do I need to abide by when studying in China?

International students behaviors in China are governed by Chinas national and local laws and regulations on foreigners as well as the universitys rules and regulations on international students. The local exit/entry administration, police station and college/university share the responsibilities of student management.

Before the formal beginning of studies, students will be instructed in the guidelines on their code of conduct and the schools rules & regulations for freshmen. In addition, the exit/entry administration and police station will also give lectures on public safety.

To comply with the provisions of the law, foreigners (international students) can refer to the Chinese Laws and Regulations section of the website:


If I want to participate in off-campus internship program, what should I pay attention to?

If an international student holding X visa needs to participate in an off-campus internship program or get a part-time job during his/her stay in China, he/she shall first obtain the consent of the school, and then submit the consents of both the school and the employer on off-campus internship program or part-time job to the exit-entry administration to apply for adding a note on such information to his/her residence permit. Only after this, he/she can engage in off-campus internship activities. Otherwise, the activities, such as working outside school in a work-study program or an internship program, are not allowed. Please note that your internship date cannot exceed the validity of your residence permit.

If you want to find an internship, please resort to professional and formal platforms, such as the student service center or the information platform of your school.

Finally, wish you a fruitful, happy, progressive and memorable stay in China!