BTBU Master of Business Administration in English
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Name of specialty:  Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Credit system:  2 years
Brief Introduction:
The BTBU MBA programme is designed to give student a deep insight into how to run a business as a successful manager. It gives students a comprehensive business education and develops the skills and mindset their need for effective leadership. 
The students are able to take one major from the following areas: financial & accounting; organization & operation management; logistics management and Financial & futures management. In BTBU MBA Center, the students will learn by doing – working on real projects for companies, gaining a real-world perspective and experience that can be applied immediately in their life and career.
Courses Arrangement:
The BTBU MBA program is a 2-year, 45-credits program which is structured into four phases of Courses. The curriculum covers the general business subjects required for the MBA degree.
Phase One Courses includes the basic business principles and tools, accounting information applications, legal issues facing managers. These courses provide the theory and foundation of business principles that students will continue to develop throughout the program.
Phase Two Courses includes marketing management, operation and production management, strategic management, organizational behavior and leadership, fundamentals of corporate finance, managerial accounting controls, and human resource management.
Phase Three Courses: firstly, 1-month professional development practicum; then, corporate financial analysis, international marketing management, logistics and supply chain management, and statistical methods used in business and economic research.
Phase Four CourseMaster Thesis.
study hours
Phase One
Phase Two
Phase Three
Phase Four
Phase One Courses (2013.9-2013.12)
total Credits: 8
l Chinese Culture (36 hours, 2 credits)
l Cross-cultural Communication (36 hours, 2 credits)
l Management – Principle of Management, legal aspect of business
(36 hours, 2 credits)
l Accounting- accounting concepts and accounting principles
 (36 hours, 2 credits)
Phase Two Courses (2014.3-2014.7)
total Credits: 16
l Marketing Management (36hours, 2 credits)
l Managerial Economics (36 hours, 2 credits)
l Operation and Production Management (36 hours, 2 credits)
l Corporate Finance– fundamentals of financial management
(36hours, 2 credits)
l Strategic management (36 hours, 2 credits)
l Accounting- managerial accounting and internal controls
(36 hours, 2 credits)
l Organizational Behavior and leadership (36hours, 2 credits)
l Human Resource Management (36 hours, 2 credits)
Phase Three Courses (2014.9-2014.12)
total Credits: 12
l Professional Development Practicum (1month, 4 credits)
l International Marketing Management (36 hours, 2 credits)
l Corporate Finance – financial analysis, investment management 
and costs management (36 hours, 2 credits)
l Logistics and Supply Chain Management (36 hours, 2 credits)
l Business Research & Statistics - statistical methods used in business and  economic research (36 hours, 2 credits)
Phase Three Courses (2015.3-2015.6)
l Business Writing (24 hours, 1 credits)

l Master Thesis (business project) : 2 months, 8 credits

China-Immersion MBA Programme

This programme will help students to build language capabilities, better understand the different business system, and expand network in the region.
l Chinese language training
l Business communication course
l Cultural Activities
l Executive seminar & company visits
Application Requirements:
1. The TOEFL iBT score of 70 points at least, or IELTS score at least 5.5, or the relevant certificates of English as the working and learning language for university study, if non-native English speakers apply the program.
2. Possess bachelor degree above, and previous major should be related to Business.
3 .Provide undergraduate diploma notarized copies and the score report’s transcripts or notarized copies of undergraduate courses. When the diploma is neither Chinese nor English, you should provide notarized Chinese or English translated document.
4. Provide research and study plan in China (1500 words at least), written in Chinese or English.
5. Provide recommendation letters by two professionals with the title of professors or associate professors.
6. A photocopy of the front page of a valid passport.
7. The Foreigner Physical Examination Form
8. Submit all of the application materials on line:
Contact:  Ms. Sandy Lee  
Tel:    +86 10 68984717
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