Tianjin University of Technology and Education is one of the first institutes in China which mainly cultivates vocational and technical teaching staff. It was established in 1979 and subordinate to Ministry of Labour then. In 2000, it became under the charge of both national and local governments and mainly charged by Tianjin. In Mach 2010, it was renamed Tianjin University of Technology and Education.

Our school has many characteristics, holding the idea of “mental and physical, comprehensive development”. Early in the 1990s, TUTE established new mode for school management that is characterized by carrying out the “Double Certificates System” and cultivating the “Integrated Teachers of Vocational Education”. There are 17 academic research institutes such as Vocational Education Institute, African Vocational Education Research Center and some others in TUTE. And it has been approved as first “National Key Vocational Teachers Training Base”, “National Higher Vocational Teachers Training Base”, “National High Technical Professionals Training Base”, “Educational Foreign Aid Base by Ministry of Education” and other 13 Training bases by China’s Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour and Social Security. As the first educational foreign aid base of China’s Ministry of Education, TUTE has made great achievement on aid for African vocational education. During the last 5 years, TUTE appointed 104 teachers to Ethiopia, Tanzania, Egypt and etc. Thus has trained more than ten thousand students.

From 1993, TUTE began to recruit foreign students. In 2006, TUTE was ratified to enroll students with Chinese Government Scholarship. There were also “Principal Scholarship” to reward excellent overseas students. In 2008, the International School was established, in charge of the enrollment, cultivation, and management of overseas students. It developed so quickly that it became one of the fastest schools in Tianjin to enroll overseas students.

In 2008, according to the cooperative education agreement signed by the Ministry of Education between Ethopia and China,and entrusted by the Ministry of Education, TUTE appointed experts as principals, vice-principals,and key teachers who undertook the duty of aiding the teaching and management for high vocational schools there. And we also established the first Confucious Institute in Ethopia— “Addis Ababa Confucious Institute”, which spread Chinese culture vigorously. During the past few years,TUTE has also cooperated with school from America, Japan, South Korea, Britain, Australia and so on. It is a school that receives overseas students with Chinese Government Scholarship. Now there are both undergraduate and graduate students from Ukraine, Mongolia, Ethopia,Zambia, Tanzania, Sudan, Libya,South Korea, Vietnam and etc.