Leshan Normal University (LNU) was built in 1978. It is located in Leshan City which is the world natural and cultural heritage site and also world cultural celebrity Guo Moruo's hometown. Being east across the river is the Giant Buddha; being west is the access to Mount. Emei.

Now here are 14800 students or so and more than 1200 faculties. Our university has 14 schools with 40 majors for bachelor's degree which covers a very broad range of studies including philosophy, science, engineering, pedagogics, economics, management, law, art.

Our university pays great attention to international education exchange and cooperation. In recent years, we have successively established international exchanges and cooperation with Stockholm University of Sweden, University of Wales, Daiwa Language Teaching School of Japan, Heartland Community College of America, etc. We have cooperation on experts' giving lectures, teachers' advanced learning, students' exchange and so on.

After thirty years of construction, based on development of Sichuan province and  the west, even of the whole nation, we have become a multidisciplinary local university which not only focuses on teachers' education but also other social education. Now our university has been united by our motto: "Steadfast in Ambition, Consistent in Self-Improvement, " and making efforts for "being Sincere in Study and Earnest in Practice". In the future, we will fight for being an influential multidisciplinary local university with the advantage of teacher's education.

Homepage: http://www.lsnu.edu.cn