Shanxi University of TCM, founded in 1978, authorized by the State Educational Committee. In 2001, it started to recruit graduate students. Throughout the construction and development of more than 30 years, Shanxi University of TCM has been a university with remarkable characteristic of TCM, which combine production, learning, researching and curing.

There is complete infrastructure, abundant resources in the university, which is composed of two campuses located respectively in Taiyuan and Jinzhong, with a floor area of 713,000m2 and a building area of 368,000m2. The building in Jinzhong campus is solemn and elegant, beautiful with a unique style, including Fushan sculpture, relief sculpture of legend of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shang lake and Shennong herbal valley and so on,. The total value of teaching and researching instruments and equipment reaches $100 million. In the library, there are 736,200 paper books 380,000 kinds of electronic books and 19 electronic resources database. Advanced modern electronic library system and computer network service system is in using.

The personnel training system in the university is complete, and education quality has been steadily improved. There are 14 teaching institutions, 23 undergraduate majors, which covers medicine, science, engineering, management, agriculture, and other disciplines. There are 1 national characteristic specialty, 1 undergraduate professional comprehensive reform specialty of the Ministry of Education, 3 first-class majors in Shanxi Province, 4 characteristic specialty construction project of universities in Shanxi Province, and 1 personal training mode innovation experimental zone. There are 8,283 full-time students, including 502 graduate students.

There is a party of excellent and powerful teacher staffs. Presently, the university has more than 3,000 faculties and medical staff, including 134 professors. There are 1 national physician master, 23 famous veteran practioners in Shanxi Province, 14 teaching masters in Shanxi Province.

The university has characteristic disciplines and a solid scientific basis. Nowadays, there are 26 key disciplines above the provincial-level. The university is the industrial base (Shanxi) of modern science and technology, national and international technology cooperation, national science and technology cooperation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. There are 8 key laboratory above provincial-level, 3 innovation team of provincial science and technology. Nearly five years, the fund of 260 million Yuan is received for researching and 39 science and technology award above provincial-level.

With an active academic atmosphere, extensive foreign exchanges, the university has continuously undertaken international acupuncture technique training classes by the Ministry of Commerce for many years, and established good cooperation with academic institutions of more than 20 countries such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea. Besides, the university established the Sino-Australia Research Center of Molecules Traditional Chinese Medicine with Zhendong Group and University of Adelaide, it is the first joint research center of Traditional Chinese Medicine with international joint mode of production, learning and researching which located in the western famous comprehensive universities.

The university has a remarkable medical specialty, strong service capacity. There are 3 first-class affiliated hospitals, 6 national clinical key specialties, 10 key specialty of national administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.