Russian Girl Pursues her Chinese Dream at South China University of Technology
Date:2016.04.11 Attention: From:
    Name: OLGA ZAYNETDINOVA Nationality: Russian

    Overseas Studying Period: 2009.9-2010.7&2011.9-2014.7

    Alma Mater: South China University of Technology
    Graduated Major:Chinese and Law Graduated As:General Scholar and Master Student with Chinese
    Achieved Position:The Figure of Moving SCUT
    Government Scholarship

    Inspired by Chinese Culture, a mother who was born and bred in Russia came to South China University of Technology (SCUT) to pursue her study with her 5-year-old daughter. She is OLGA ZAYNETDINOVA (Chinese Name: Li Mei), a Master student in Law of Economy who graduated from SCUT in 2014. During her study at SCUT, she was nominated as the President of International Student Association of SCUT and awarded Model Student of “Moving SCUT” in 2013.

    Top of the Class in HSK Test

    Coming from the South Urals region of Russia, Li Mei has blond hair and blue eyes. She is capable of speaking Mandarin fluently.

    Li Mei graduated from Bashkir State University, Russia with her bachelor degree. During her undergraduate study, she won First-Class Scholarship for Excellence multiple times. Li Mei told us that she had been cherishing her Chinese Dream since childhood. “When I was young, a lot of Chinese came to Russia for study and business. Many Russians, however, do not understand Chinese culture,” Li Mei said, “I wish I could be an Ambassador of the Friendship between Chinese and Russian People, helping more Russians do business with China.”

    In 2009, when Li Mei’s daughter was one year old, she came to China to study Chinese Language course. Through continuous efforts, she ranked the first of her class in HSK Test. From 2010 to 2011, she returned to Ufa, Russia and assisted in establishing the first local Chinese Medicine Medical Center. She was also responsible for Chinese enterprise registration and market development in Russia. “I contacted First Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Shenyang and other hospitals in China via the General Consulate, and successfully invited five Chinese doctors to work in our Russian medical center,“ Li Mei said, “Now those doctors become my good friends.”

    (Regularly organize student activities as the president of Student Union)

    Encouraging Her Daughter to Speak Cantonese

    Li Mei could not stop missing China, even two years after she returned to Russia. Therefore, she came back to SCUT to continue her postgraduate study in 2011.

    Her daughter is 7 years old now and studying in a kindergarten in Guangzhou. Li Mei has encouraged her daughter to learn Mandarin and speak Cantonese, so that she can master Chinese language well. “I started to learn Mandarin only after my graduation from university, which makes it impossible for me to reach native speaker’s level of Chinese language. Now I let my daughter to learn Chinese in her early years of age. I wish she could speak Chinese like a native speaker when she grows up,” Li Mei said, smiling brightly.

    (Organize student representatives to visit senior citizens)

    Working in Guangzhou, Continuing Her Dream

    After graduation in 2014, Li Mei met the head of a transnational investment company in Guangzhou. This company was planning to exploit Guangzhou market, and looking for a Russian graduate who is proficient in Mandarin and familiar with Russia. She got this job successfully. In the first six months, she had to go frequently between Russia and Guangzhou for business. With sufficient language competence, business capability, communication and organization skills acquired at school, she accommodated this job well and made great achievements. Half a year later, she had a large group of clients and implemented a series of projects. But Li Mei conforms to the trend of independent entrepreneurship. So she registered her own Sino-Russian trade company, recruited Chinese and foreign employees, and offered internship opportunities to our university graduates. She came back to SCUT as an excellent alumna in November 2015, and presented a lecture on “My University Life and Career Path” to current international students.

    Li Mei thinks that China and Russia have relatively high market complementarities. She believes that she will become an outstanding entrepreneur in the future, constructing a communication bridge between China and Russia with her entrepreneurship dream and Chinese dream.

    (Back to SCUT as an excellent alumna and share career planning experience)