The Rise of China’s Education System
Date:2017.04.14 Attention: From:People's Daily Online

Anyone who studies the 30-year development of China's education is likely to be surprised by its stunning scale and remarkable pace. An open, inclusive, and vigorous society is the prerequisite that ensures the accelerated growth of an education system. During the last three decades education has transformed the nation and Chinese society.

Over 14 million teachers in more than 520 thousand schools dedicate and devote themselves to the cause of education and to their 257 million students. There can be no doubt that this is the key step in the process of changing China from a country with a big population into a country rich in human resources. Nor can it be ignored that China's education system is the largest in the world, and the pace of development of its 30-year education undertaking is the fastest in history.

In the space of thirty years, China's education system has transformed from one accessible to an elite to one accessible by the masses. For instance, the higher education entrance rate in 1980s was less than four percent. In 2002, the figure had reached fifteen percent, an internationally recognized mark that signalled a new stage of China's education development: mass education. By 2013 the rate had soared to 35%.